Why Park Your Domain Names?

Why park your domain names?

Think of your domain name as a property. If you have 5-10 domain names, you can think of this as your own private real-estate portfolio.

When your property is not on the market, you won’t receive any rental income. So, in effect you have a vacant property with zero cashflow.

Domains names are very similar to property.

Any unused, “under construction” or forgotten about domain names are losing you potential revenue (and profits) – every single day.

Like property, location matters significantly with Domain names: .com, .net, .co, .org etc.

This is what determines the value of rental income you receive!

Domains operate the same way as property & you could be sitting on some lucrative digital assets right now.

With ChilliPLUM, we help you to monetise this vacant advertising space & sell the space on your behalf to Advertisers who want to be found!

We work with some of the biggest Advertising giants in the industry and negotiate all the deals on your behalf. All fully-automated without the headache or stress.

You can sit back, relax & turn your digital assets into a cash cow that continue to pay you, even while you sleep.

Your domain names always remain in your ownership & control. We simply help you create a passive & residual income from them.

Realise the profit potential with your un-used domain names today and get in touch with us!

Sell Your Domain names with ChilliPlum

Get a flood of interest from potential buyers looking for their next big idea with your domain names!

Our high-traffic network consists of 10's of 1000's of business owners, investors and entrepreneurs flocking to our marketplace on a daily basis.

Monetise your domain name right up to the point it sells with our domain parking solutions.

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